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"Inside Stuff" includes 8 hours
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"How to Keep the TV News Hounds Barking Up Your Tree" One hour recording of a teleseminar with Jeff Crilley, Emmy Award winning TV reporter, Fox News, Dallas. Click on the > button below to hear Jeff reveal two surefire ways to get a reporter's attention -- even if they're working on deadline and they don't want to talk to you. There's no special equipment or software needed.

How To Get Free Publicity on TV  90 minute interview with former TV reporter and news executive Frank Guerra, who now runs one of the most successful PR/Advertising agencies in Texas. Listen as Frank explains how to get the media excited about covering your event -- even if your competitors have just attracted attention with a very similar story.

How To Get Free Publicity on News/Talk Radio 
45 minute interview with Pat Rodgers, a news radio veteran with almost 40 years of experience.

How To Get Free Publicity on Entertainment Radio  45 minutes of lively hints and tips from Sonny Melendrez, one of the most popular regional morning radio personalities in America. In this excerpt, Sonny tells how to take a seemingly common, mundane charity event -- like a spaghetti dinner -- and make it fascinating to listeners.

How To Give a "Hot" Interview on Radio or TV So You'll Be Invited Back Over and Over Again with former LA radio talk show host Joel Roberts.  Listen as Joel talks about "locking in" listeners in the first 60 seconds of an  interview, guaranteeing that you'll get more air time -- and more publicity.

How To Get Free Publicity In Print  A wide-ranging 60 minute interview with former Milwaukee Business Journal editor Joan Stewart

"Winning the Hearts, Minds, and Microphones of Radio Talk Show Producers and Hosts." with radio publicity expert Alex Carroll. Alex says radio producers and hosts are so busy they'll almost never research your book or product before you go on the air. So they usually need more  than the traditional one-page news release.

Each of these CDs is a recording of a teleseminar or interview program that normally costs $29.95

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Inside Stuff  ($77 Value)

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"You really opened my eyes to how newsrooms and the media operate, and allowed me to land 5 TV appearances and numerous newspaper interviews over the last 8 months. The information you provided was very detailed and gave me the info I needed without wasting my time with a lot of theory.  Good job....

Geoff Dillon
Marketing Manager
The People Bank
Toronto, ON, Canada



"I've used three times in the last four months.  I wrote the press releases

myself and although the stats looked very good, I received zero calls from the media.
The SAME day I purchased your package, I rewrote a press release using your techniques and submitted it.  The day my press release was published, I received a call from a  television reporter who  wanted to do a story based on my release. I knew you were an expert on getting free publicity... this was absolute PROOF that your techniques work.  Thanks SO much, George, for your high quality advice.


Scott Britner
The Britner Foundation




"Thank you so much for sharing your tips and marketing techniques with me.  Your techniques have landed me on a morning show and in the newspaper." 


Lisa Monique Joseph



"George, I just wanted to thank you...  Within three days of your package arriving, I have already tripled my investment. You helped me book myself  for a twenty minute interview on a radio show heard in 81 markets.  This is truly a goldmine. Thanks again George."


Dan Schultz



"I am a hat designer. I wrote a press release remembering to include Who, What , Where, Why  When. I sent it off to our local newspaper, they ran a story and even sent a photographer over to take pictures. This was great exposure and did increase sales...


However the piece won me more than exposure.


I in turn emailed the article to 3M the makers of the reflective strip who though it was a great way to use their product and in turn they placed a huge order. They bought hats and headbands featuring the reflective strip for all their employees and gave them out at their Christmas  party."


Linda Finstad

Hats by Emmanuel
6756 - 31A Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta







This is "cut-to-the-heart-of-it," time-tested, proven, practical information that will

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Inside Stuff  ($77 Value)

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