Vol. 2 Number 2 - January 24, 2002
Editor: George McKenzie
Copyright 2002 by George McKenzie


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1. Success stories needed (to share with readers)

2. Quick Media Marketing Tip: Pitch The "New Kid"

3. Advanced Media Marketing Article
(Beginners should read this too)
"Smile. You're On Oprah" by Susan Harrow (Pt 2)

4. SOUND ADVICE-This week's radio show guests
Frank Garon And David Eck

5. All Star Articles-Links To Some Of The Best Marketing Articles
On The Net

6. Recommended Resources:

7. Media Humor

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1. Quick Media Marketing Tip
When you want to get free publicity from the news media
try to find the "new kid on the block."

Pitch your idea to someone farther down the newsroom
hierarchy who’s responsible for coming up with their own

As a rule, reporters don’t make nearly as much money as
people think. So there tends to be a high turnover, with
reporters moving from place to place fairly often.

When a reporter is first hired, they generally won’t know
much about their new job, and (this is extremely important)
won’t have built up a list of sources yet.

If you build a relationship and become one of those sources
you'll often find yourself getting free publicity that's
more believable, powerful productive and profitable than any
advertising you can buy at any price.


Excerpted from "Going Public: 10 Ways To Use The Mass Media
For Free Advertising, Internet Marketing And Website Promotion"
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Other resources on similar topics:

Joan Stewart has authored a series of 37 "Special Reports" that
are a "must have" for anyone seeking free publicity from the
media. These reports are single-spaced, at least five pages
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2. Advanced Media Marketing Article
Smile! You're on Oprah!

By Susan Harrow
Media Coach & Marketing Expert

Part 2 of 2. Part 1 was published in the previous edition.
To see the entire article, click on

Now that you know what it takes to pitch an idea to
Oprah, you need to know what to do when you actually
appear on the show.

1. Connect with your eyes. It is very important to
maintain eye contact with Winfrey 100 percent of the time
when she addresses you. This means while you're talking
and while you're listening. Audiences believe that you're
sincere and knowledgeable if you keep consistent, soft
eye contact.

3. Bring visual props. Visual props add liveliness and
helps your viewers remember your points, which indirectly
translates into buying your product or book. Let the
producers know how you plan to use your prop(s) ahead of
time. During the show you also need to direct the
cameraman to your object by pointing to it or holding it
up to cue them for a close-up.

4. Introduce yourself with a stellar sound bite. On
television your very first utterance sets the tone for
all the information you plan to deliver. Say something
that instantly brings focus to your most important
message that ties into your product, service or book.

With dedicated practice, channeling your passion,
enthusiasm, and knowledge about your subject will come
across to your audience, and people will naturally want
to know more about you, your products and your services.

(c) 2001 Susan Harrow All Rights Reserved

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Other Suggested Resources on this topic:

Tom Antion's Teleseminar with Former L.A. Radio Talk Show Host
Joel Roberts: "Kick The Ears Off Your Audience: How To Be
Great On Radio."
Available through Tom's "Speaker Shop" at

Joan Stewart's Special Reports

#6-How To Write "How-To" Articles That Position You As An Expert,
#25-How To Pitch Reporters Over The Phone And Make Every Second
#27-How To Get Booked On Radio Talk Shows And Give A Great

4. SOUND ADVICE - This week's radio show guests

Got ebook and don't know what to do with it?

Listen to our radio show Saturday afternoon at 2:00 Central (USA)

You'll hear David Eck talk about his step-by-step system
which will help you produce and sell your ebook.

David has authored a number of books and other resources for
e-marketers and publicity-seekers.

Check out his latest, the "Ebook Sales Guide" at

Also this Saturday...Frank Garon of

Frank will talk about he's used his internet know-how to promote
other people's products and generate a six-figure income.

This is NOT a get-rich-quick story, but it definitely IS a rags-
to-riches story. Not long ago, Frank was a bankrupt truck driver
from New Jersey. Listen in and find outhow he turned his life

Webcast at http://www.klup.com at 2PM Central (USA) January 26.

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5. ALL STAR ARTICLES-Links To Some Of The Best
Marketing Articles On The Net

Here are some of the top marketing articles that have appeared
recently in other ezines.

To obtain a plain text copy of one of the following articles,
send a blank email to the address listed.

What's In A Name? .
by Meredith Pond
Boost your visibility, credibility and traffic
by contributing articles and advice on the net

Create Fun For Reporters
by Joan Stewart
It's called "reporter involvement." It makes a story more
interesting--and attractive--to reporters.

These and many other articles are posted on our website at

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6. Recommended Resources

These are some of the resources that have been most helpful to
us in building on online presence:

"Click" by Tom Antion. EBook. A "gotta-have-it" guide for
internet marketers.

Internet Marketing Course-Cory Rudl

"The Amazing Formula"

Postmaster General-the listserver we use:

But THE ONE RESOURCE that has made the biggest impact on our

A shopping cart and automation system so simple even I figured
out how to do it. Autoresponders, client database, coupon and
ad tracking, this system has everything. If you're serious
about doing business on the net, DEFINITELY check this program


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7. Media Humor

Story currently circulating on the internet...offered without

Subject: good journalism

Two boys are playing hockey on a frozen pond in a Chicago park
when one of the boys is suddenly attacked by a crazed

Thinking quickly, the other boy takes his hockey stick, shoves
itunder the dog's collar, twists it, and breaks the dog's neck,
saving his friend.

A reporter is strolling by, sees the incident, and rushes over
to interview the boy. "Young Bears Fan Saves Friend From Vicious
Animal," he starts writing in his notebook.

"But I'm not a Bears fan," the little hero replies.

"Sorry, since we're in Chicago, I just assumed you were," says
the reporter and he starts writing again. "Cub Fan Rescues Friend
From Horrific Attack" he writes in his notebook.

"I'm not a Cub fan either," the boy says.

"Oh, I assumed everyone in Chicago was either for the Bears or
the Cubs.

What team do you root for?" the reporter asks.

"I'm a Packers fan," the boy replies.

The reporter starts a new sheet in his notebook and writes:
"Little (Expletive Deleted) From Wisconsin Kills Beloved Family

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