June 13, 2002
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This week's headlines (also known in the news biz as

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Advanced Media Marketing Article


Guest Article by Michael HArt
Reprinted from his Ezine, 'Publicity Prospecting'

One of my favorite things in life is starting and building
new companies.

Many times I have been hired to help 'roll out' these new
ventures. Other times I have done it for my personal
portfolio. As I have reported here I have just started
another company called Life Saver Pool Fence.

As in the past my primary goal when starting a new firm is
to get as much media attention as possible. An issue or two
ago I told you about the PR campaign I created to promote
Life Saver. I have managed to get numerous radio and print
interviews and even some local television to help me launch
my fledgling new business.

One television station however eluded me, the local ABC
affiliate. I sent several press releases (really good ones
too!) Made the phone calls, even put my friendship with
their hotshot reporter on the line. (I took him to lunch,
AND PAID. Offered to give him some juicy, and substantiated,
dirt on a local politician who is running a statewide
campaign. And finally assured him my four year old would
'foul' his pool water next time we visited his home) Nothing
worked. I was told that although the story was good, it
simply was not 'good timing'.


This new business is going well. So well in fact that this
past week we had to move to larger office space. It was this
past Tuesday that while moving furniture in, dressed in
jeans, and unshaven, that my cell phone rang, it was my
reporter friend!

'Hey Michael what's up?' 'Not much you?' 'I have a favor to
ask. One that will get you some free publicity.' My friend
then went on to explain that another reporter was doing a
story on the legalities of a child accidentally drowning in
a neighboring pool. (I had been pitching pool safety and
anti-drowning techniques, not legal issues)

This reporter needed a quote from an authority for a story
she working for that very evening. I told him sure when does
she want to do this? (I figured I could run home and shower
and change) He said she can be there in about 12
minutes! AAAARRRGGG!

She was there is 12 minutes and I was interviewed, whiskers
and all for that evenings broadcast. I was on air for over 3
minutes on the 6pm and 10pm news. My company was named and
featured. New product innovations mentioned, and I was
presented as the local authority.

There are several lessons to be learned here.

One, always shave. You never know when the media may drop by
for a visit.

Two, media people live in a different world then normal
folks. While this interview was very short notice for me, it
was the norm for them, BE PREPARED. And three, sell to them.
Or as my good friend George McKenzie told me two days before
'Find a different hook'. (I had contacted George out
of frustration on this issue. He advised me that my angle
must be wrong for THIS PARTICULAR station. George went on to
explain I needed to change my approach. Although I did not
have the time to act on his advice, the station offered me a
new angle, he was right! You can learn more about his ideas
at http://www.get-free-publicty.com)

The point is simple enough. The media folks have their own
agenda. You might disagree, but it's their ball. This
station thought the legal issues of drowning were of more
interest than preventing these tragedies, at least at
this time. Moreover all because other 'outlets' bought the
prevention hook, this bunch wanted something different than
the normal summertime lead-in.

So here are some thoughts to ponder . . . Never stop
pitching these folks, they do want to help you if they feel
you can help them. Stay in contact.

Change your approach when it is apparent what you are doing
is failing.

Allow them the luxury of having a different opinion. And
most importantly understand them have a job to do and to
keep. Help them do both. Become an advocate for them and the
incredible work they do. Help them create stories that will
sell and 'air well'. In other words if your want media
attention for your business learn to 'partner-up'. Or as
Jerry McGuire would say, help them, help you!

Oh and one last thing, don't threaten to have your kid foul
their pool. Trust me it does not work

2002 Michael P. Hart & Company
Reprinted with permission

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June 13, 2002
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