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Going Public
"Fast Track" Edition

The streamlined version of George McKenzie's highly acclaimed six-hour audio seminar featuring interviews with actual media
decision-makers and public relations experts

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60 minutes of concentrated, focused, step-by-step strategies and
techniques that will:

*spread the word about you to thousands of potential customers at once
*give you instant credibility and even celebrity status with customers and prospects
*dramatically shorten your sales cycle
*boost your closing and conversion ratios
*add thousands to your bottom line
*leave envious competitors wondering how you do it! 


Among the many secrets you'll learn:

*The question that will immediately endear you to the media, identify you as a credible source of information, and actually get the  media to start calling you for help.

*Who really has the power to make decisions about what gets covered and what doesn’t…and how to influence them in a positive way…

*How to help reporters, producers and interviewers do their jobs better--and tell your story to potential customers more effectively.

*Three elements that are essential to almost any good TV news story. If you have these three elements, you’ll not only get airtime…you’ll get more airtime.

*A technique that almost guarantees TV coverage—and not only that—it will help assure that your story will be the last one cut from a newscast when breaking news pre-empts almost everything else.

*The biggest bonehead mistakes most people make when preparing a news release.

*How to give the media what they want, when they want it, and how they want it...resulting in free publicity that's more believable, powerful, productive  and profitable than any advertising you can buy at any price.


"Out of all the so-called expert publicity advice on the Net today...I can honestly say that you've provided me with the most informative, tested and proven publicity information I've ever come across...It's so refreshing to learn from a real player in the publicity business.-

James Wilson


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