Often-Overlooked Reasons To
Distribute A News Release


Accomplishments, awards, and other forms of recognition.

Anniversaries and milestones in company history.

Appearances by company executives or employees at important community events.

Appointments to boards and committees.  Formation of boards and committees.

Articles by you or about you in publications.  News stories on TV and radio or in print.  Interviews or appearances of company executives or employees--TV, radio, print.

Birthdays--you or important people in your organization.

Celebrity visits

Charity Projects. Donations and volunteerism by you or company employees. 

Continuing or community education classes you are teaching, sponsoring or supporting.

Contests you're sponsoring or promoting, especially if they're connected to a charity.

Controversy.  Take a stand on a controversial issue. This can be especially effective if you can become spokesman for an organization that has a position.

Death of an important person in your organization.

Fundraisers-kickoff, ongoing reports, conclusion.

Giveaways--free samples, free products or services.

Grants--either giving or getting.

Holiday celebrations, fundraisers, gifting or community involvement. 

Merger, acquisition or new alliances.

New company name or address

New facilities--announcement of, groundbreaking ceremonies, progress reports, opening.

New job, career, or situation.

New job creation by companies, especially if that position has never existed before.

New hours, especially if they're unusual or "groundbreaking" in some way.

New Website

Newsletter you're starting, especially if it's an electronic newsletter.

When your name appears in books or articles.  When you are quoted in books or articles.

Open houses and tours of your facilities, plant, etc., especially if they're new.

Predictions or forecasts by company officials, researchers, or executives.

Public Stock Offering

Retirement of key or longtime employees

Speaking engagements

Trade Show Activity

White paper, position paper, manuscript someone has written.

Workshops you're presenting or attending

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