Discover the Secrets of Getting 
FREE publicity On TV 


You may find this hard to believe, but TV reporters producers, and assignment editors need your help...and they're willing to let you showcase yourself in front of thousands of their viewers in return...just imagine how that free publicity can turn into dollars added to your bottom line.

Now available: a 90 minute recorded interview with Frank Guerra: TV reporter, assignment editor (if you don't know what that is, you REALLY need to listen to this interview), and news executive.  

Among the publicity-generating (and profit-building) secrets he reveals:

        *How you can supply stories to local TV stations that they'll be grateful to have.

        *How to get reporters, assignment, and producers to start calling you for ideas.

*Three elements that are essential to almost any good TV news story. If you have these three elements, you’ll not only get airtime…you’ll get more airtime.

*A technique that almost guarantees TV coverage—and not only that—it will help assure that your story will be the last one cut from a newscast when breaking news pre-empts almost everything else.

*How to time your request for coverage so that radio & TV news people are likely to be GLAD to hear from you.

*Who really has the power to make decisions about what gets covered and what doesn’t (hint: you never see their faces on the air)…and how to influence them in a positive way.

*How to help reporters, producers and interviewers do their jobs better--and tell your story more effectively to your potential customers.

*Which TV newscasts have the most people watching--and when those people are more likely to pay attention to what's happening on the screen so that you get the most potential customers tuning in.

*Why the best time to get coverage on TV is the worst time to get coverage on radio, and vice-versa…

*Why it’s often actually easier to get publicity--and more of it--at the best times?  


You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

You've probably checked out other programs that tell you how to get free publicity.  There are some very good ones out there.

Few however, show you how to do it from the perspective of the people who actually control the airtime...the people who decide what gets covered, and what doesn't.

Wouldn't you rather have that kind of insight working for you?

And you can get it for $49.95.

And--here's the guarantee--if you do what Frank Guerra recommends in this interview, and you don't get at least one TV news story on the air in the next year, you can have your money back.  What would one TV story about you be worth?  At least ten times what you'll pay for this interview, I'll bet.

In other words, you can't lose.

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