April 4, 2002
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George McKenzie, Editor

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This week's headlines (also known in the news biz as

***If you want free publicity from the media, first you have
to gain their trust. But how do you overcome every
reporter's inborn natural skepticism? Here are some

***Suppose you suddenly find yourself in an elevator with
the editor of your local newspaper. He or she asks you,
What do you do?" Knowing that the editor has the power to
get you thousands of dollars worth of free publicity, how
would you answer? Here's a way to make sure you don't
blow a golden opportunity

***"There's no free lunch," you say. And on the internet,
there's no FREE advertising that's worth the time you put
into it, right? Wrong! says Terry Dean. He explains in a
guest article.


***Can anyone make a living on the net, with no advertising
budget and no products of their own to sell? Frank Garon is
living proof it can be done.

***Our list of favorite resources...

and more...

Personal Recommendation

Generally I'm pretty wary of chain-letter, traffic-
generating-type systems.

But my friend David Frey at
recommended one that I like and it seems to be working
really well.

It's worth a look at

Quick Media Marketing Tip

How hard do you think it is to get through to a reporter,
producer or editor by telephone? Or one of your local TV
news anchors?

It's probably easier than you think. In every TV station
where I've worked (that's five of them), all you had to do
was call the switchboard and ask. You'd be connected
directly to that person, or at least to that person's voice

But it's not always that easy to get that person's attention
once they pick up.

Media folks work under withering daily deadline pressure
that few people outside the business can appreciate.
Seconds really DO matter, so don't waste an instant when
you've got the attention of your "target."

Don't feel compelled to "warm them up" with pleasantries.
Even a seemingly harmless "How are you" will raise their
anxiety level if you've caught them at the wrong time.

Follow the formula Jeffrey Mayer recommends in his ebook,
"Opening Doors With A Brilliant Elevator Speech."

Mayer suggests you imagine that you're on an elevator.
Suddenly someone you really want to "pitch" steps in. You
have 10-15 seconds to capitalize on this happy accident.
What would you say?

Mayer says "offer a brief description of what you do,
who you do it for, and how it benefits them. Keep it short
and concise. It should roll off the tongue naturally."

To learn more, check Jeffrey Mayer's web site at

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Advanced Media Marketing Article

Getting free publicity is easy if you're Tom Cruise or Julia
Roberts. All you have to do is show up - anywhere.

But if you don't already have a gaggle of papparazzi
following you to the dry cleaners, how do you make that
important first impression with a reporter, producer, talk
show host or editor?

Well, "publish or perish" has been the rule in the academic
world since anyone can remember.

Itís not necessarily true that youíve got to have a book or
audio series to gain credibility with the media, but it
ABSOLUTELY helps. It certainly gives you an advantage over
someone who isnít "published."

Producing books and products used to be painstakingly slow
and - sometimes - prohibitively expensive.

But then along came computers.

Now you can publish an electronic book as fast as you can
write it. You can produce an audio tape series in a matter
of hours.

My friend Bart Baggett recorded a six-hour audio series in
one weekend without leaving his home.

Tom Antion records his sold-out telephone seminars on an
inexpensive tape recorder connected through a simple plug he
bought at Radio Shack for less than $20. Then he dubs the
tapes and sells them.

Because I do a several radio shows, I had access to some
sophisticated equipment for my six-hour "Going Public" Audio
Seminar http://www.get-free-publicity.com/gfp.htm   )
But believe me, you definitely donít need the kind of high
powered stuff I used.

And you certainly donít have to rent a studio or sell a book
to a traditional publisher.

Do the folks in the media care that your book is self-
published or that you produced your audio series on
equipment you bought at a garage sale down the street?


All they know is that youíve done it. And thatís what
really matters.

Here are some resources that will help you become a
publishing "do-it-yourselfer."

Tom Antion's "Product Development" audio cassette, available
through Tom's "Speaker Shop" on his web site.
See the "Kick Series Teleseminar Audio Tapes" section at

Marlon Sanders explains how itís now possible to create
products even if you donít have much expertise in your field
and arenít good at writing. He calls his program "Create
Your Own Products in a Flash"

Joe Vitale and Jim Edwards offer "How To Write And Publish
An eBook In As Little As 7 Days." The authors say they can
show you how to do it "even if you canít write, canít type
and failed high school English class."

Armand Morin's "eCoverGenerator" will give your ebook a
three-dimensional, professional "publishing house look."
Use your own graphics and artwork, or choose from over 150
templates provided with the program.

If you want a customized cover at a very reasonable price,
simply hand over the design work to Vaughan Davidson.

Having a professional looking product on your website, or
including a list of ebooks you've published (even self-
published) with your media kit won't guarantee that you'll
get the coverage (i.e. publicity") that you're looking for.

But it will certainly go a long way toward building your
credibility with a media decision-makers, and removing the
natural skepticism that's part of every journalist's
emotional make-up.

For more articles by George McKenzie and others, click on

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Watch for "Common Sense With Chrome Trim"

Frank Garon was a guest on one of my radio shows recently.
Frank has become somewhat famous on the internet as "the
former New Jersey truck driver who now earns more than
$100,000 a year through internet marketing."

Because of time constraints, I couldn't spend as much time
as I would have liked talking to Frank about his successes.
So I asked him to set aside an evening and let me record
several hours worth of conversation.

The result is a two-hour cassette series, "Common Sense With
Chrome Trim."

Frank details how he turned his life around through some
relatively simple but often overlooked marketing

It's a terrific "rags to riches" kind of story that you're
bound to enjoy--and learn from.

"Common Sense With Chrome Trim" is in the final stages of
post-production. Watch for a special mailing next week to
let you know it's ready.


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Guest Article

"Is Free Advertising Still Alive and Well Online?"
by Terry Dean

It now costs $299 to even get Yahoo to look at your
page...and that doesn't even guarantee a listing.

Other search engines are beginning to follow suit.
Overture started a revolution in search engine
positioning by charging per clickthrough.

Other majors are either partnering up with them or
they're going to at least a partial Pay-Per-Click
positioning system. Hundreds of small PPC's are
growing up...

Free classified ads don't work. Free-For-All Link
pages haven't worked for years. Free banner
advertising networks take more traffic away from
your site than they provide. Free traffic
networking systems (which work like Multi-Level
programs) produce very untargeted traffic.

Free advertising appears to be dying a horrible
death online...

Or is it?

The truth is that the death of free advertising
has been greatly exaggerated.

Some of the very best forms of advertising are
still free...and will continue to be free for
years to come.

Even though I have a pretty nice sized ad budget
now, a good percentage of my income still occurs
through good old free advertising. I average
over 1,000 unique visitors a day to
http://www.bizpromo.com without spending a single
penny for them.

Free advertising is alive and well online.

It's just not handed to you on a silver platter

You can't just "sign-up" somewhere and expect
to receive thousands of free visitors running to
your site begging to buy your products. You have
to work at "free" advertising because every type
of advertising will cost you something.

Advertising costs you time or money. You can pay
for an ezine ad with your money, or you can work
to find ezine publishers who will joint venture
with you (which costs you time).

Here is one of my favorite forms of free
advertising still working wonders in 2002...and
for years to come:

1. Articles

You've probably heard this before, but I'm going
to repeat it here. Creating short 500 to 1,000
word articles can easily be one of your most
powerful forms of free advertising online. It
doesn't just get used in one way. It can be used
to build your business in multiple ways.

Any free information I create is used for five
different purposes:

- Published in my free ezine Web Gold
- Posted to My Web Site for Search Engine Listings
- Submitted As Articles to Other Ezines
- Offered as Content on Web Sites
- Compiled into Free eBooks

The most important skill you can learn in any type
of online marketing is writing. You can use it to
drive traffic to your site, make sales when they
get there, and create backend email follow-up systems.

You can't search the web for Internet marketing
very long before my name starts to come up. I'm
everywhere...and a lot of that simply has to do
with my writing. I search the web sometimes and
see my ugly mug pop up on someone else's web page.

A webmaster I've never heard of has posted a
directory of my articles on their site...every
one of the articles linking back to me and
generating free traffic.

Some people don't believe in giving away anything
free...Well, I have to disagree. My reputation,
my web sites, and my traffic has been built upon
the principle of giving value first...and then
making the sale.

I could stop advertising and writing TODAY and
still will generate well over 50% of my traffic
for years to come...all because of free articles.

What happens if YOU stop advertising today??

This article is a short excert of "Free Advertising
is Dead...Long Live Free Advertising" which contains
the 7 Most Powerful Free Advertising strategies you
can use in 2002...and is only available to members in:
Terry Dean's NetBreakthroughs...

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It reveals Jonathan's propriety 10-step formula for taking
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Recommended Resources

These are some of the resources that have been most helpful
to us in building on online presence:

Terry Dean's NetBreakthroughs...

"Click" by Tom Antion. EBook. A "gotta-have-it" guide for
internet marketers.

Internet Marketing Course-Cory Rudl

"The Amazing Formula"

Postmaster General-listserver:

But THE ONE RESOURCE that has made the biggest impact on our

A shopping cart and automation system so simple even I
figured out how to do it. Autoresponders, client database,
coupon and ad tracking, this system has everything. If
you're serious about doing business on the net, DEFINITELY
check this program out.

Share Your Success Story--And Get A Reward!

If you--or someone you know--has succeeded in getting TV,
radio, or print exposure, I'd like to share that story with
our readers.

In return, you'll get to download one of our audio seminars
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Everyone who contributes a bona fide story will have access
to their choice of one the following audio seminars--whether
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***How To Get Free Publicity On TV
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Drive Time, with veteran drive time radio host Sonny
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***How To Promote Yourself On News/Talk Radio
with Pat Rodgers (Pat has more than 35 years experience as a
radio host)
45 minute interview

***How To Promote Yourself In Newspapers And Magazines
with former newspaper editor Joan "The Publicity Hound"
60 minute interview.

Email your stories directly to me at
mailto:successstories@get-free-publicity.com .
In your email, be sure to tell me which interview you'd like
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In doing so you grant permission for your story to be used
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be offered to readers upon compilation.

You'll receive an email telling you how to download your
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