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August 30th, 2001  (First Edition)


September 20, 2001

How to Provide Story Ideas To The Media, Part 1
How To Keep The Media From Mangling Your Story Or Missing Your Message
45 Places Your URL Should Be Seen Or Heard


October 4, 2001

How to Provide Story Ideas To The Media, Part 2


October 18, 2001

Dr. Laura, A Beat Up Old Volkswagen, And The History Of Spaghetti...OR

How To Get Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Traffic-Generating Free Publicity Just By Talking Out Loud.


November 1, 2001

Give Yourself A Holiday Gift: Free Publicity

How To Do Well By Doing Good: Generating Traffic And Profits Through Community Involvement


November 15, 2001

Holiday ideas for attracting media attention
How To Make Your Personality Famous With The Media

Featured Audio Clip: How To Create Your Very Own Official Holiday (audio clip)


November 29

The difference between advertising and publicity--and why it's important

Featured Audio Clip: Bart Baggett talks about using the resources of the internet to boost your credibility as an expert and generate thousands of dollars worth of free publicity in the mass media. From our radio show, 12-1-01


December 13

How writing one article for a local publication generated enough free publicity to put thousands of dollars into one speaker's pocket

Featured Audio Clip:  Former TV news reporter/exec Frank Guerra explains "The Kicker" and why it's a good place to shoot for exposure on TV.


December 27

Sell the story--not the store!  Tips for attracting media coverage.  Hint: talk about how wonderful you and your product are, and you'll fail.

Featured Audio Interview:  Kevin Donlin




January 10, 2002

What's the best day of the week to get TV news coverage?  You'll probably never guess.

Guest Article: How to get booked on Oprah, by Susan Harrow

Featured audio interview:  Janet Roberts of EzineTips.com on how to start, build and profit from an electronic newsletter.


January 24, 2002

Quick Media Marketing Tip: Pitch The "New Kid on the Block"

Advanced Media Marketing Article:  "Smile. You're On Oprah" by Susan Harrow (Pt 2)

February 7, 2002

***Want to know how to shoot yourself in the foot with a very large gun? Follow the example of the PR person who called me this week trying to pitch a guest for my radio show.

***"This little piggy went to...the media market..." Piggybacking and other "inside stuff" you can use to let the media build traffic and credibility for you--free!

***Did you know you can create your own official holiday-- and then exploit it to get free publicity from the media?

***Most people waste 85 cents of every marketing dollar. There's a way to minimize your losses.

February 21, 2002

***Success Story:
"We have the perfect body for to you rent..."

***Talk the talk. If you want to get free publicity from the news media, learn the lingo of the newsroom. Here's a
primer that will help you get the news media's attention--and respect.

***You can't judge a book by it's cover, huh? Guess what. Lots of people do. That's why this new piece of software is fast becoming a bestseller.


March 7, 2002

***Want to get free publicity? Remember these stories about Dr. Laura, a beat up old Volkswagen, and the history of spaghetti.

***"The Write Stuff." How Lydia Ramsey snagged thousands of dollars of free newspaper publicity with a few minutes work and a few lines of copy.

***"Please Release Me..." If you stand out and your product is worthy of media attention, then press releases are an awesome method to start creating a traffic jam at your site. Tip from Terry Dean.


March 21, 2002

*** "Here's the wind-up...and the pitch..." News releases are great...but if you want to become a real a "free publicity power-hitter," throw a pitch letter in the direction of your favorite media contact. What's a pitch letter?  Read on.

*** "It's just common sense with chrome trim..." Marketing tips from Frank Garon, who has lined his pockets - not with chrome - but with gold, thanks (in part) to his knack for getting free advertising and publicity.

*** "That's not free publicity! It's a license to steal!"  Success story from Michael Hart.

April 4, 2002

***If you want free publicity from the media, first you have to gain their trust. But how do you overcome every reporter's inborn natural skepticism? Here are some resources.

***Suppose you suddenly find yourself in an elevator with the editor of your local newspaper. He or she asks you, "What do you do?" Knowing that the editor has the power to get you thousands of dollars worth of free publicity, how would you answer? Here's a way to make sure you don't blow a golden opportunity

***"There's no free lunch," you say. And on the internet, there's no FREE advertising that's worth the time you put into it, right? Wrong! says Terry Dean. He explains in a guest article.

Due to a technical problem, issues between April 4 and June 13, 2002
have been irretrievably lost


June 13, 2002

***Did you know you can create a holiday of your very own, and then ride it to a wave of free publicity? Here's how.

***If you're fishing for media exposure and no reporters are biting, try changing the bait. See the advanced media marketing article below.

***The mysterious press release: it's THE NUMBER 1 subject our readers want to learn more about, based on results from the survey in our last ezine


June 27, 2002

***Press Release "Critique of the Week" makes its debut. This feature will evaluate real press releases measured for style and substance.

***Not such a good thing...whether she's innocent or guilty of insider trading, Martha Stewart's "Goddess of Good Things" image is undergoing a meltdown. A panel of PR experts says Martha could be doing a better job of keeping the heat off.

***"Like birds on a wire..." Understand this important trait about the media and your pursuit of free publicity will take flight...

***Are you "wired for sound -- and sight?" You can thump the competition (in addition to "thumping the tub") by offering the media sample audio or video clips on your website.


July 11, 2002

***How to use DRIVE TIME radio to DRIVE IN customers and DRIVE UP profits.

*** "It's 'supplementary,' My Dear Watson..." If getting free publicity has been something of a mystery, don't call Sherlock Holmes. Read Pam McCorkle's success story below to learn how newspaper supplements can help solve the case.

***Also...don't miss our new feature, the Press Release "Critique of the Week." This week you get two for the price of one, with a rare opportunity to see how two different organizations try to get free publicity for the same event.


July 25, 2002

It's July here in Texas, and the heat is on: temperatures are climbing into the high 90's every day. So our theme for this edition is "Hot Stuff."

***What are "Hot Buttons?" And why is it a waste of time to write a news release that doesn't punch them?

***Hot Tips...a great way to "light a fire" under your efforts to get attention (and coverage) from the media.

***Also..."Are You Hot?" Don't worry, this ezine has not crossed over to the "dark side" of the Internet. "Are You Hot" is actually the title of the press release I'll review in this edition's "Press Release Critique of the Week."


August 8, 2002

*** Are you passing up easy opportunities for free advertising and publicity by making yourself "invisible" to

*** Antics with semantics? Is a press release the same thing as a media kit? What's the difference between an "informational" press release and an "invitational" press release. You'd better know if you hope to get the media's attention.

*** Which would you prefer: buying advertising for your website, or getting your local news media to promote it for you -- free?  Our "Press Release Critique of the Week" shows how Joe Gross got thousands of dollars worth of free coverage for his new site.


August 22, 2002

*** Time flies when you're having fun, right? But if you're a journalist on deadline, time also flies when you're NOT having fun -- a fact anyone pitching a story can't afford to ignore. See the Advanced Media Marketing Article below.

*** Beauty is only skin deep, they say. But a lot of "beautiful" media kits get UNDER the skin of working reporters, producers, and editors. See this edition's Quick Media Marketing Tip.

*** Does your brain lock when someone starts talking tax law? Do your eyes glaze over when you see stories about 401(k)s, 529s, 503(b)s, etc? See our "Press Release Critique of the Week" for an example of how one company took a dull and sometimes complicated subject and turned it into
a pretty good pitch for free publicity.


September 5, 2002

*** Trash-talkin'...95% of press releases get little more than a glance from journalists. Then they sail into the trash. See why in our "Quick Media Marketing Tip."

*** That said, even a great press release gets ZERO response sometimes. What's up with that? Our Advanced Media Marketing article explains.

*** Should you even try to get publicity on-or-around September 11th? Everyone has an opinion, but does anyone have answers?

*** A few of our favorite things: Free advice that's worth a LOT more than you pay for it...


September 12

*** September 11 -- What was your opinion of media coverage? Give me the good, the bad, and the ugly...I'll post your comments for other readers to view.

*** Yikes! The tables have been turned...I'm usually the one interviewing guests on the radio. This time Peter Twist interviews me. You can listen in (via streaming audio on the net) and see how I did.

*** The squeaking wheel gets the grease...and those who pitch persistently get the publicity. See below for a good example of how you can stay in touch with the media without being regarded as a "pest"

*** Are you overlooking the obvious? Going global is glamorous, but when it comes to marketing, there could be an goldmine right in your backyard.


September 19

Editor's note to this brief special edition... from George McKenzie

I'm writing today like to thank you once again for being a subscriber of "Get Free Publicity" Ezine.

The first edition of this ezine was published one year ago.

To celebrate, I'd like to offer you a special, unannounced subscriber's bonus...

*****A Free Audio Ebook*****

It's called the 'Going Public Fast Track' Edition. It's a one-hour audio condensation of my big six-hour audio workshop.

You'll also receive, as a "thank you" gift, a free transcript of the same program.

Together, these two products are valued at almost $37.00.

To collect your anniversary celebration gifts, simply go to


September 26

*** "I've got news for you..." That's what your press release has to say to reporters, editors, and producers. Without "news value," your release will be "history."

*** How to cure the "Hidden Epidemic" that's has plagued brick-and-mortar business owners who try to promote themselves on the 'Net.

*** It's almost like reaching down between the sofa cushions and finding a $10 bill. Here's a way to make a few cyber- bucks selling those books you always promised yourself you'd read -- but never have.

*** "The Press Release From Nowhere..." Do you really need to put details like city and state-of-origin in the first sentence of your press release?

And more...


October 3, 2002

*** Looking for promotional pizazz? Get a team of 4700 smart people brainstorming ideas for your next success... and the price is right too (is FREE cheap enough?)

*** A day of rest? Not for the frugal publicity seeker. Here's why Sunday can be a blessing in disguise, and the answer to your promotional prayers.

*** Yawn. Are they bored? Or burned out? Why it's harder than it used to be to get the attention of reporters, producers and editors.

Plus more...


October 10, 2002

My friend Peter Twist http://www.internetmarketinglounge.com offers a weekly radio show featuring some of the better known marketing experts around the internet.

Several weeks ago he recorded a conversation with me about
using the media to get free publicity...

During the session, Peter asked me what I recommend for people who want free radio or TV exposure but experience "stagefright" near microphones and cameras.

I offered a couple of tips...and also told a story about an enlightening personal experience with former Dallas Cowboys Coach Tom Landry.


October 17, 2002

*** Double, double, toil and trouble. Okay, so it's not exactly what the witches mumbled in MacBeth. But do you really need to go through the toil and trouble of double- spacing your press releases? The answer lies not in the
stars...but below...

*** Top o' the mornin' to you...in amongst the soaps and the game shows, "lifestyle" programs give you a great opportunity to put yourself on the media map--and score thousands of dollars worth of free publicity...

*** Can computers help lower the unemployment rate? One subscriber is convinced they can. But he needs some help spreading the word.

*** Plus, guest articles and recommended resources...

October 24, 2002

*** It's conventional wisdom in marketing: there's a fortune in the follow-up. But what's true in marketing isn't always true when you're pitching an idea to the media. Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound, explains why journalists will "ditch your pitch" if you use the wrong follow-up technique.

*** "One is the loneliest number..." 3 Dog Night may have been right--at least when you're talking about how many pages a press release should be. It definitely depends though, on where that press release is going.

*** While we're talking about musical groups...what do Dire Straits and Pink Floyd have to do with the quality of your email pitch? Jason Potash of http://www.ezineannouncer.com  has the answer.

*** All that, plus some of our "favorite things"
(recommended resources) and other features...all included in
this week's edition of "Get Free Publicity" Ezine


November 1, 2002

*** Trick or treat? Today Show host Katie Couric got "tricked" into giving some free advertising on Thursday morning's show. But if you try the same strategy with your local media, you can bet that your efforts will not result in a "treat." Quite the opposite.

*** Plagiarism never pays. But in the case of one TVmeteorologist, it DOES prove a point: milking the media for free publicity is getting easier than ever.

*** Do well by doing good... Trudy Schuett's success story shows how free publicity can result from helping others.

*** Plus three guest articles and a list of resources that will help you drive in traffic and drive up sales...


November 7, 2002

*** We're off to see the Wizard... Shannan Hearne, also known as "The Wizard" of http://www.successpromotions.com  explains how she said the right "magic words" to a local newspaper reporter near her home in North Carolina. The
result: a delectable brew of free publicity and enhanced credibility

*** Itís commonly called "that sinking feeling." It overtakes you when you suddenly realize you foolishly volunteered to chair your favorite charityís annual fundraiser: the one that is expected to bring in at least $50,000. Joan Stewart, the "Publicity Hound" at
offers some tips that will help you relax--and succeed!

*** Folks who read this ezine do so because they're looking for FREE publicity. But what if the boss has given you a couple bucks to spend on internet advertising--and you have NO clue how or where to spend it? Len Thurmond of
http://www.TheAffiliateReview.com  has numerous tips to
help you figure it out.

*** 58 funny headlines they really didn't mean...and more...


November 14, 2002

"Coopetition:"  try it...you'll like it!

Pet Peeves of the Press...

If you didn't believe me, would you believe the Director of Columbia University's Excellence in Journalism Project?


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