July 11, 2002
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This week's headlines (also known in the news biz as

***How to use DRIVE TIME radio to DRIVE IN customers and
DRIVE UP profits.

*** "It's 'supplementary,' My Dear Watson..." If getting
free publicity has been something of a mystery, don't call
Sherlock Holmes. Read Pam McCorkle's success story below to
learn how newspaper supplements can help solve the case.

***Also...don't miss our new feature, the Press Release
"Critique of the Week." This week you get two for the
price of one, with a rare opportunity to see how two
different organizations try to get free publicity for the
same event.


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Quick Media Marketing Tip

When writing a press release, remember:

Little things mean a lot: details such as where to park and
whether or not some free food might be available to the
media at the event will not only impress a media decision-
maker, it will absolutely ENDEAR you to them. Again,
anything that makes the media's job easier and removes
uncertainty or doubt about how to cover your story will
score huge points for you (and imporve your chances of

For an example, see this week's "Critique of the Week."

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Advanced Media Marketing Article
"How to Get Onto Drive-Time Radio Programs"

Editor's Note: The following article was published in Joan
Stewart's "Publicity Hound" newsletter.

Joan and I will do a teleseminar tomorrow telling you how
you can pull off a flood of free publicity like Donald
Jones did. Read his story is below.

For more details, and to sign up for our teleseminar,
see the information below the article. Cost is $20.

Here's Joan's article:


When Donald Jones was looking for inexpensive publicity for
his Atlanta, Georgia brunch delivery service called New York
Brunch Basket, he suspected the best way might be to offer
gift baskets as prizes during a local morning drive-time
radio show.

"The first station I approached loved the idea," said Jones,
who was involved in the clever "Brunch on the Boss" contest
several years ago. Jones offered the station gift baskets
filled with croissants, muffins, jam, coffee and
fresh-squeezed orange juice, along with a copy of that day's
New York Times. The station asked listeners to write a
letter extolling the boss's virtues. Each morning, a letter
was read on the air and the winning boss received a brunch
basket. The contest started out weekly but became so popular
that the station did it each weekday morning for an entire
year. "Today I'm still getting calls from people who
remember the contest," Jones said.

With a little clever thinking and pitching, you too can grab
a spot on the most popular morning or afternoon drive-time
radio shows in your community. Sponsor a contest. Tie your
story idea to the hot topic of the day. Piggyback off the
weather. Suggest a fun poll or survey that ties into your
product and donate lots of prizes. And don't forget to also
feed ideas to the news department. When I worked in the
newspaper business, we often accused our broadcast brethren
of being guilty of "rip and read." That is, they'd rip news
stories out of the morning paper, shorten them, then read
them on the air during their own news shows. That's
true to some degree. But radio stations love an exclusive
story as much as print reporters do.


Learn how to get your story on the air during the one-hour
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Press Release Critique of the Week

In every issue, we'll offer you a lengthy evaluation of a
genuine news release that was recently sent to a working
news room.

We'll look at it the ways a media decision maker would,
using the following criteria (among others)

The Instant Eyeball Test: What's the overall "look" of the
release? You'd be amazed at how important this is.

The Headline Test: Does it make the reader want to keep
going to find out more about the story?

The Newsworthiness Test: Does it legitimately offer
information people would want to know?

Each "Critique of the Week" will be posted to an Academy
web site (we have several).

For this week's critique, go to:

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Success Story

Pam McCorkle of Chameleon Productions in Orlando FL
contributed the following success story.

Pam discovered what are called "supplements" in the
periodical business, and rode one to a bonanza of free

Note: even though Pam had to pay for one ad to get all the
free exposure, there are many publications that offer free
placement in their supplements. But you have to know who
has them, whom to ask, and how to go about it.

Joan Stewart covers those points in our one-hour audio
seminar, "How To Get Free Publicity In Print." You can
order it by clicking on

Now, here's Pam's success story.

"I was recently asked by the VP of our company to help
create and place an add expressing a "Thank You" ad to one
of our clients, for letting us participate in her show. He
also told me my budget and wanted me to search out the best

I found an industry magazine that was directed to the
audience we wanted where a FULL PAGE as costs just slightly
under the $$$ budget I was given. I called several others
as well but was able to negotiate a "Special Deal" with this
one particular editor and salesperson.

I received not just a full page ad in their monthly
publication; but also discovered that they were getting
prepared to publish their annual "SUPPLIERS GUIDE" and was
able to obtain an additional full page in the guide at no
extra charge. This meant that I would get an quick intro
through the monthly periodical and then would have the
benefit of "sitting" on someone's desk for at least a year
allowing us even more opportunity for exposure.

The BEST PART of this particular negotiation was that I was
also able to get a full page WRITE UP about our company in
the monthly magazine along with our add and was placed in a
"Premium" location for no extra.

The Write Up was of course what REALLY put this deal over
the edge for us and it didn't really cost anything extra. I
told each and every sales person that getting this write up
would be the kicker for the sale and this one company was
smart enough to catch that and run with it.

So, for the price of (1) ad, we received (2) ads plus the
write up for the FREE PUBLICITY."

Pamela McCorkle
7101 Presidents Drive, Suite 205
Orlando, FL 32809

Tell us your success story and get a free one-hour audio
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You'll receive an email offering you a choice of audio
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