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 Here's how to quickly attract radio, TV, newspaper and Internet publicity that creates more traffic, more
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From the Desk of Former
TV News Anchor and
Radio Talk Show Host
George McKenzie

"The Publicity Pro"



Dear Publicity Seeker:


I don't have to tell you how important free publicity can be as a way you can showcase yourself to potential clients and customers.  I'm sure you already know how much publicity can mean to your bottom line.


But does this sound like you?

  • you're puzzled because you can't seem to attract publicity?

  • you're confused about what media people really want from you before they'll give you publicity?

  • you're convinced that people in the media have a huge network of "insiders" who spoon-feed them all the stories they need, and they certainly don't want to hear from you?

  • you're discouraged seeing competitors getting free publicity in newspapers and magazines, and on radio and TV -- without having to pay a dime for it?

  • you're annoyed because it seems you have to have a "brother-in-law in the business" before you can really get publicity?

  • you're frustrated because your press releases seem to immediately get thrown in the trash without so much as a second glance?

I don't have any doubt you provide an excellent product and deliver first-rate service.  You have a great reputation and your customers love you.  


Why then, can't you get the free publicity you believe you deserve?

I’ve worked in radio and TV since 1972, and I've heard thousands of "pitches" and seen tens-of-thousands of press releases from people who wanted me to give them free publicity.

Based on my experience, I believe publicity seekers fail 98% of the time to get the media attention they want -- maybe even NEED to grow their business because:

They have no clue who to approach or how to approach them to get the free publicity
they want...

But imagine if you could get the kind of publicity that brings a never ending stream of new customers, clients, or prospects without spending a dime on advertising!

Instead of relying on "word-of-mouth" from existing customers, or laying out a bundle of cash for an advertising campaign, just imagine if you could

  • get publicity on popular radio and TV shows -- and it wouldn't cost you anything more than a few minutes of your time?

  • get publicity in newspapers and magazines... producing a barrage of pre-qualified, highly motivated prospects who are ready to buy from you

  • ethically influence the media so that you will double or triple your chance of getting the publicity that you desire.

  • use free publicity to establish yourself as an authority - even a celebrity - in your field...

  • have prospects calling you because the publicity you've gotten has given you a halo of credibility and they're convinced you're THE ONLY person they should buy from...

  • write a compelling and irresistible press release -- even if you flunked high school English and have never written one before in your life?

Let me tell you to why I KNOW you can
make the mass media your personal
free publicity machine



"You did it again!  By using your publicity strategies I was able to write a really compelling press release and I got another radio interview from it. Keep up the great work."


Harry Husted,

Computer Consultant



I purchased program in January and used it to send a press release...Much to our elation, a two page article with photos was in the next issue of the Taos News.'  We were ecstatic.  In March, we  did it again, this time a full page with full color photos!  Two attempts with your kit, two wildly successful articles, and this after countless efforts over the past 6 or 7 years.   Thank you!   I'll recommend your kit  to everyone!

Katherine McDermott
Angel Fire ArtSpace, LLC
Angel Fire, New Mexico


Can you get free publicity like that too? Absolutely!

Whether you're promoting a website, book, event, business, service or even yourself, here's an information-packed, easy to-use, and
affordable "free publicity" resource
that can have a huge,
positive impact on your bottom line

You may find this hard to believe, but reporters, editors, and talk show producers need your help...and they're willing to give you free publicity repeatedly in return...

But you have to give them what they want first.

And before you can give them what they want, you have know what they want.

I'll show you how to let the media become your own personal publicity to use effective, compelling strategies that generate free publicity which blows away any advertising you can buy--at any price.



"Thank you so much for sharing your publicity tips and public relations techniques with me.  They have landed me on a morning show and in the newspaper." 


Lisa Monique Joseph



"George, I just wanted to thank you...  Within three days of your publicity package arriving, I have already tripled my investment. You helped me book myself  for a twenty minute interview on a radio show heard in 81 markets.  This is truly a publicity goldmine. Thanks again George."


Dan Schultz


"Inside Stuff"

How to Milk the Media for
Free Advertising
and Publicity


The material for this 11 CD program came from a series of interviews I did with former TV reporters, radio talk show hosts, and newspaper editors for several of my radio shows recently. We focused on revealing how business owners, authors, consultants, and coaches can get free publicity over and over again.

"Inside Stuff" includes

How To Get Free Publicity on TV

A 90 minute discussion featuring George McKenzie and
former TV reporter and news manager Frank Guerra


A one hour discussion with Jeff Crilley, Emmy Award winning
TV reporter, Fox News, Dallas

In this program, you'll learn

* Why now is the best time ever to get TV publicity--if you know how to give reporters what they're looking for
*  How reporters are judged by their bosses, and how you can use that information to get more publicity
* How to get repeated publicity in the same newscast
* 3 elements that are essential to almost any good TV news story. If you have these three elements, you’ll not only get publicity--you’ll get more publicity
* Two techniques that almost guarantee TV publicity -- and not only that -- you'll help assure that your story will be the last one cut from a newscast when breaking news pre-empts almost everything else
* The best day of the week to try to get publicity...and the worst
* Why the best time to get publicity on TV is the worst time to get publicity on radio, and vice-versa
* Why it’s often actually easier to get free publicity for yourself at the best times
* Who really has the power to make decisions about what gets publicity and what doesn’t -- and how to influence them in a positive way
* Why you must understand that getting publicity is a matter of   “supply and demand”
* How you can actually predict when you have the best chance of getting the publicity you want 
* Why press releases are not enough when you want free publicity
* Two approaches that never fail to get a reporter's attention immediately -- no matter how busy they are
* How to get reporters calling you and asking for your help with story ideas



"You really opened my eyes to how newsrooms and the media operate, and allowed me to land 5 TV appearances and numerous newspaper interviews over the last 8 months. The publicity information you provided was very detailed and gave me the info I needed without wasting my time with a lot of theory.  Good job....

Geoff Dillon
Marketing Manager
The People Bank
Toronto, ON, Canada



"I've used three times in the last four months.  I wrote the press releases

myself and although the stats looked very good, I received zero calls from the media.
The SAME day I purchased your publicity package, I rewrote a press release using your techniques and submitted it.  The day my press release was published, I received a call from a  television reporter who wanted to do a story based on my release. I knew you were an expert on getting free publicity... this was absolute PROOF that your publicity techniques work.  Thanks SO much, George, for your high quality advice.


Scott Britner
The Britner Foundation

"Inside Stuff" also includes

How to
Get Free Publicity
on Radio

A 6 CD set featuring detailed discussions among radio talk show hosts and accomplished radio publicity experts

These radio veterans reveal

* How to get publicity for your product or service by NOT talking about your product or service on the air
* How to take a bland, common event like a spaghetti dinner and make it interesting--even intriguing--for the listening audience
* "The more you bring, the more you sing..." Take this item to the studio with you and you're sure to be a welcome guest who will get prolonged airtime
* How to get additional publicity for your product or service by giving it away on the air--but there's a right way and a wrong way to do it
* How to make sure you keep "electricity" in your interview--and how to make your host seem smart and funny in the process (they LOVE when a guest does this well)
* How to get the phone lines to "light up" during your interview (which spells j-o-b s-e-c-u-r-i-t-y for the host and producer)
* How to take advantage of current news events and hot topics so that you get free publicity for yourself or your product in the process
* How to make yourself a "dream come true" for deadline- stressed hosts and producers
* How to get free publicity on radio by creating your own holiday--and then publicizing it.
* The one obvious step most people never take which will get them keep invited back over and over.
* Understanding the difference between what you want from the media and what the media wants from you
* The one element that's absolutely essential for getting publicity when you're a radio guest
* How to "lock in" listeners in the first 60 seconds of an  interview, guaranteeing that you'll get more air time -- and more publicity
* How to "take control" of your interview -- without the host even realizing it -- so you make sure you get the publicity you want
* How to deal with interviewers who don't have a clue about you or what you do
* How to deal with ignorant, arrogant or even downright hostile interviewers
* Why "heat" (controversy) works better than "light" (information) on radio
* What you must know about the program's audience to insure your success--and an invitation to come back
* "Hot buttons" that are automatic attention getters for radio listeners--and will keep them listening all the way to the end of your interview

In addition, "Inside Stuff" includes

How to Get Free Publicity
in Newspapers and

A one hour interview with former
Milwaukee Business Journal
Joan Stewart

You'll discover

* The 5 most important words you can say to anyone in the media
* How to build relationships with reporters and editors
* How to schmooze with reporters
* The "forgotten" reporters at newspapers
* Why you should get to know correspondents
* Why editors love tip sheets, and how to write them
* Small publications that are hungry for your ideas
* What you should never send to print reporters
* What to always send reporters after the story is written
* One question that will immediately endear you to the media,
identify you as a credible source of information, and actually get the media to start calling you for help
* Why "shooting low" with reporters is more likely to work than "starting at the top" when you ask for coverage 

I've sold "Inside Stuff" by itself for $147. But since I really want to win you as a customer, I'll send you this 11 CD set for $50 off.

Order Inside Stuff
for $147 by Clicking Here

when you purchase "Inside Stuff,"  you'll also get

Start Spreading The News

This ebook and manual not only explains how the media works -- and more importantly -- how media decision-makers think, but it teaches you how to write a dynamic, compelling press release journalists won't be able to resist..  If you've never worked with the media before, or you've never written a press release before, this book will serve as an invaluable guide. Normally sells for $37

Starting Spreading the News reveals  

5 simple words you can say to any producer, reporter, or editor that will automatically improve your chances of getting coverage
How to build relationships with reporters and editors

How to schmooze with reporters
Why "shooting low" with reporters is more likely to work than "starting at the top" when you ask for coverage

One question that will immediately endear you to the media, identify you as a credible source of information, and actually get the media to start calling you for help
The one word you NEVER want to use because it will immediately destroy your credibility and result in an instant "blow off" by any respectable journalist
How to time your request-for-coverage so that have the best chance of success. Hint: the rules are different for newspaper, TV, and print.


At last! 
Dozens of tips, tricks and secrets you can use 
to create attention-grabbing, traffic-
 free publicity... 




"...After receiving my email a columnist called me and...asked me if I would submit a paragraph or two about the current stock market. This ended up with my picture in the Sunday edition along with my market outlook.

It gets better.

About a week later I got a phone call from another reporter who was doing a story on Google and interviewed me for (once again) their Sunday edition. In that article it quoted me as well as my firm.

It gets still better. 

A few days later I get a call from a reporter from People magazine. She interviewed me and I ended up being quoted in an article that People magazine did on Google... Last week I got a call from the same reporter that I originally emailed for the Google article. In my conversations with this reporter he remembered that I attended Arizona State on an athletic scholarship and was doing an article on the Olympics and wanted to write about how sports helps in business. I had to email him an old picture from my playing days and my interview is supposed to be in the paper this week."

Tom Delnoce
BG Associates
Phoenix, AZ


"BTW...I have now been approached to do a 1 hr live financial talk show on a station here in Phoenix."




Place your order for "Inside Stuff" right now


Are there other ways to get the this
level of information?  


A number of companies offer very good "Free Advertising" or "Free Publicity" seminars. They cost $200-500 a day on average.  Some cost WAY more than that.  Don't forget, you'll have to take a day "off" and you might have to travel and buy yourself a meal or two.


You could hire me or another media professional to come and do a workshop for your company or association.  My rate, which is about average, is $7500 a day.


You could hire me or another media professional for individual consultations.  Going rate for this kind of service is about $300 per hour.


You could seek out media pros like those I’ve interviewed, and pick their brains yourself -- if you could get access to them.


The best possible deal is to order this package for only $147!  That's about what it would cost to hire a qualified consultant for about 30 minutes.



Order Right Now And You'll Receive These
Additional Valuable Publicity-Generating




Additional Bonus #1

A three hour, 3-CD set recorded from one of Jason Potash's "Pick Their Brains" teleseminars. A discussion among four veteran, media-savvy PR pros: Raleigh Pinskey (former Publicist for Paul McCartney), Internet PR experts Don Crowther,  Jason Potash and myself.

You'll learn:

A free resource where you can find established experts who often write columns and articles for the mass media -- and how to get them to write about you, your products, or services...
How to get publicity -- and credibility -- from published articles -- even if you didn't write them...
Where to sign up for a free service that will send out 52 of your press releases to multiple, keyword-targeted high impact media outlets...
Two services that will connect you with journalists who are doing stories related to your product or service...
Where to find celebrities who will endorse your product or service...

This teleseminar originally cost $78




Additional Bonus #2


A 2-CD set of a lengthy interview I did with "The PR Doctor," Robert Smith, on How To Get At Least $100,000.00 in Free Publicity In Less Than 6 Months To Sell Your Products...


The quickest way to get 'booked' on Oprah and Dr. Phil (There are 63 million reasons why you want to)
How to get the President and The White House to promote your business. (Press releases from The White House will do much better than yours)
How to add a full-throttle PR department or publicist to your company at no cost
Find out what is the most widely read page of any magazine and newspaper...and how to get featured on that page...FREE!

This teleseminar originally cost $97


Order Now


Here Are Three Reasons Why I Priced This
Huge Combination of Multi-Media Tools
at an Affordable $147


FIRST REASON:  I want you to be absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of information and tools included in this kit, compared to the investment I'm asking you to make.  I want you to be so impressed with this program that you'll go out and tell all other business owners and entrepreneurs you know to invest in it as well.


SECOND REASON:  I truly wanted to make this package affordable to every everyone who needs it.  After paying thousands of dollars in for commercials, classified ads, or even other "free publicity" programs, the last thing you need is to pay another thousand dollars to learn how to get the attention of the media.  Compared to the cost of other courses, $147 is an absolute steal!


THIRD REASON:  I wanted to make sure that you have an IMMEDIATE PAYBACK from what you get in this package.  I guarantee that after you implement these strategies and use these tools that you'll get enough business to pay back your investment in this program three-fold.  At this price point, it's a "no brainer." 


This is "cut-to-the-heart-of-it," time-tested, proven, practical information that will

generate an astounding increase in prospects -- giving you more customers and more sales without more cost
give you celebrity status with customers & prospects -- you won't need to spend weeks or months building up their trust in you
leave your befuddled competitors wondering how you do it as you get all the new customers -- and probably some of their old ones


To Make Your Decision Easier, Here's My No-Way-You-Can-Lose, 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee



Here's where the rubber meets the road. I'm so sure you'll be delighted with this package that I'm offering you a risk-free money-back guarantee.


Do you think I would dare extend such an offer to you if I wasn't absolutely, 100% sure that you'll be more than happy with everything you get?


Listen, if you're not, I DON'T WANT TO KEEP YOUR MONEY. Please tell me so that I can give back every cent that you paid for the manual. 


You don't have to tell me why you're sending it back. You don't have to try out any of my strategies.  You don't have to prove anything to me. It's simple. If you are not delighted ecstatic with the all this material, I'll give you your money back, no questions asked. Period!


If you've read even a few of the testimonials from other people, you'll know why I'm so confident about the value of this product. If you haven't yet read what people are saying, then take a moment to look in the column on the left right now.



"I am a hat designer. I wrote a press release remembering to include Who, What , Where, Why  When. I sent it off to our local newspaper, they ran a story and even sent a photographer over to take pictures. This was great exposure and did increase sales...


However the piece won me more than exposure.


I in turn emailed the article to 3M the makers of the reflective strip who though it was a great way to use their product and in turn they placed a huge order. They bought hats and headbands featuring the reflective strip for all their employees and gave them out at their Christmas  party."


Linda Finstad

Hats by Emmanuel
6756 - 31A Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta




Remember, the additional bonuses are only being offered for a limited time at the current price.  In the near future they will be offered as an upgrade at a higher price. 

Total retail value of all these resources if you bought
them separately exceeds $500.

But they'll be yours in this special introductory offer when
you purchase for just

$147.00 (plus $7.95 shipping)

Order Now

and you'll never be frustrated again because you're
not getting all the free publicity you want--
whenever you want it!


Thanks for your consideration, and for taking time to read this.


Yours truly,


George McKenzie


P.S.  I've heard it said that only 15 percent of all marketing works.  The trick is, figuring WHICH 15%. If that's true, it means 85 cents of every advertising dollar is wasted. Use the techniques and strategies you'll learn in this book and you'll never have to fret over that 85% again.


P.P.S. You'll also get access to dozens of free articles and special reports by experts like Raleigh Pinskey (former publicist for Paul McCartney and Sting), former newspaper Editor Joan Stewart, Dr. Marcia Yudkin, Jason Potash and Joe Vitale...


P.P.S. Time is money, right?  Use the information in Inside Stuff and you'll dramatically shorten your sales cycle and boost your closing ratio so you can make more money in less time.


Order Now


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