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Suppose a prospect you've been wooing for months finally calls and gives you a shot at getting their business.  All you have to do is make a presentation to their senior management team at their upcoming convention.

All of a sudden, you feel like a King Kong-sized gorilla has just super-glued both hairy feet to the back of your neck.

Oh, you know your stuff.  That's not the problem.  The problem is performing in front of an audience.  Especially an important audience that can put a lot of money in your pocket.

Giving a speech takes guts--but more than that, it takes preparation.  You not only have to know what to do and how to do it, but you have to perform in the glare of the spotlight...

Hundreds of business owners, consultants, and professionals who have found themselves faced with a big speech or presentation turn to Tom Antion.

Tom is a professional speaker and presentation skills expert.  You may have seen him recently on MSNBC, which asked him to critique President Bush's ability as a speechmaker during the State of the Union Address.

Tom has also put together a resource center for anyone who needs to:

Write a speech

Make a speech

Make a speech more interesting

Make a speech more humorous

Make a speech more entertaining

Defuse hostile listeners and hecklers

Sell something to an audience

Get referrals from the audience

Wow an audience with a dynamite close

And let's not forget...



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