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A personal endorsement from George McKenzie

  I'm personally familiar with all the resources we feature on our website, and I feel comfortable recommending them to you. But there's one that's absolutely outstanding.  In fact, there probably wouldn't be an without it.

   I was introduced to this product by Marlon Sanders.  I balked at first because of the $50/month price tag.  But I went ahead and bought in.

   I now consider it the smartest thing I've done since I began doing business on the 'net.  And I also consider the $50/month hit INCREDIBLY CHEAP.  To learn more about it, simply click here

George McKenzie
President, The


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The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy Another Marlon Sanders product - probably his best known.  It's a specific step-by-step guide offering relevant and practical information.  Sanders is so confident it will work for anyone that he offers a triple-your-money-back guarantee.

Internet Marketing Center  Corey Rudl is one of the marketing pioneers of the internet.  He offers a variety of resources for everyone from net neophytes to gurus.  Click here to go to his home page.


Media Magnet Press release software allowing anyone with a home pc and internet connection the ability to send press releases to the media via email. Contains over 28,000 media contacts across the US and Canada.

This is what Tucows.com had to say about this program. "Media Magnet is a promotional dream. With four easy steps you can create and send out to over 28,000 media contacts a press release. You can submit and resubmit your site as often as you like. You can also create your own list from your contacts. This is definitely helpful for newsletter generators."


Pushbutton Salesletters lets you fill-in-the-blanks, click a button and poof! You have an instant sales letter for your product or service. It doesn't have to be internet related.  These sales letters are designed to work with anything.  As long as you follow the formula.



Three Programs From Jonathan Mizel

Amazing Popups
This is the number one pop-up course on the Internet, endorsed by everyone from Marlon Sanders to Yanik Silver! Discover how to double your opt-in rate, explode your sales, and squeeze up to 300% more revenue out of each visitor with simple, easy, code you can add to your site in just a flash.

The Online Marketing Letter
The longest running Internet marketing newsletter published. Since 1993, tens of thousands of online entrepreneurs from virtually every industry have relied on our techniques and experiences to guide them. Discover the newest ways to use the Internet to sell more of virtually any product or service!

Anatomy Of A Marketing Rollout
Here's how to take any product and roll it out from a few hundred, to a few million visitors every single month. Discover how to get unlimited traffic! You'll learn the exact steps to take and the order to take them to maximize profitability and minimize risk.



WebPosition Gold   Software that tracks web pages and helps you make sure you're ranked near the top of search engines.  Also analyzes your existing Web pages and gives plain-English advice on how to improve them.  It's the software we use at the Academy.


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